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  • SpaceX | Falcon Heavy | GOES-U

    SpaceX | Falcon Heavy | GOES-U

    The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-S Series (GOES-S) is the second of the next generation of geostationary weather satellites. The four satellites of the series will provide advanced imaging with increased spatial resolution and faster coverage for more accurate forecasts, real-time mapping of lightning activity, and improved monitoring of solar activity.

  • SpaceX | Falcon Heavy | Europa Clipper

    SpaceX | Falcon Heavy | Europa Clipper

    Europa Clipper is the first dedicated mission to study Jupiter’s moon Europa. Mission is developed by NASA and comprises of an orbiter spacecraft, which, while in orbit around Jupiter, will perform numerous flybys over Europa. Europa Clipper payload suit included high-resolution cameras and spectrometers for imaging Europa’s surface and thin atmosphere, an ice-penetrating radar to…