Arianespace | Soyuz STB/Fregat | 6 x OneWeb (1-6)

Arianespace is scheduled to launch a Soyuz STB/Fregat rocket as part of the 6 x OneWeb (1-6) mission. The launch window for the Communications mission is on February 26, 2019 21:37:00 UTC from Soyuz Launch Complex, Kourou/Sinnamary. Don’t miss this exciting rocket launch! Watch the launch video of the Soyuz STB/Fregat and experience the excitement for yourself.

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6 x OneWeb (1-6)

OneWeb satellite constellation is intended to provide global Interned broadband service for individual consumers. The constellation is planned to have around 900 microsatellites, around 150 kg each, operating in Ku-band from low Earth orbit.

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